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you know what, I thought I could, and I cant. My sister is watching New Moon, and every time I look at the screen, all that I hear in my head is “cheater cheater cheater”.

I feel so bad, because I am adament that i will support her…..but maybe….just not now.

I really do feel so sorry for Rob…but…

Has anyone given a thought to the family thats just been torn to shreds? A five year old and a seven year old. Imagine explaining to them, that mommy and daddy wont be living in the same house anymore, and they can come visit daddy/mommy on the weekends….I mean, cheating generally leads to results like this. Liberty will move on, it may take time, but she will. But those kids. Their worlds have just been sliced in half, flipped upside-down, turned inside out and burnt to the ground.

Rob….geez, I just dont know anymore. He has the heart of an archangel, and he is so sweet, loving and kind. He loved that girl with every fibre of his being, and now…I believe he is just as confused as the rest of us. I hope he escapes to London for a few weeks, clears his head, and gets back on track. Its not the end for him, he can be happy again. He has the best fans in the world, and I know we’ll all be there to support him.

I feel sorry for Kristen too. I really and truly do. Because nobody deserves to have shit thrown at them for something which should never have been devoured by blood-thirsty fuckers who will twist anyones arm for a scandal. She has just wiped out an entire career, by cheating. She doesnt need any grief from sick bastards who are making a pretty penny out of her pain. I hope for her and Robs sake, that they talk things through, and that Rob gets the whole truth. It would be horrific for them both to lose not just a lover but a best friend. If they can manage to be friends for each other, then atleast they have that much.

Im not sure if things will go back to the way the were…but they are both adults, and are fully aware that they will have to promote one last film together. If they can get through this, then maybe, just maybe, there is a spec of light at the end of the tunnel for them.

As for Rupert…he is 19 fucking years her senior. Has that asshole got a morcel of a brain in that bulbous head of his? He should have said no immediatly. But no. He needs to nut up, shut up…and just…god i just dont know how to word the rage in my mind right now.

I still support both Rob and Kristen.

Im just dissappointed in her, and her actions. Im shocked that the “sturdiest” couple in hollywood are no more.

I dont say it often enough. But i love this fandom. And its sad that we say it now.

Today has been intense, crazy and emotions are high as hell..

I dont condone her actions. But she IS a human being, and human beings make mistakes. She is young and has a lot to learn in life. Its a pity that her personal life is splashed across the pages of filthy tabloids for the whole world to see. It makes me sick.

My heart bleeds for Rob, and for Liberty. This is tougher on them than on Rupert and Kristen. Whenever he spoke about her, you could see it in his eyes ; total adoration and love. And whether or not the love is still there for him remains a mystery, and I think that for him, it is done.

I dont want to stir the pot any further, but I have read interviews where he said something about not understanding why people cheat. And, I truly believe he is a man of his word, therefore I cant see him opening his arms to her once again.

Futhermore, I feel that Rupert Sanders, deserves just as much backlash as Kristen. Just because his life is not as public as hers, gives him no right to zip his mouth and back away quietly like a coward. He is older, wiser, and should have the balls to do what she did. Stand up, apologise, and take responsibility. He has his kids to think about.

They are BOTH responsible for ther actions, and the repercussions of these actions.

Having read Kristens statement in People, I do believe that she is heartbroken and repentful, but lets face it, the damage is done.

I gave it quite a bit of thought, in reference to Balenciaga, upcoming movies and so on…I really think that Cali will go ahead, but IMHO, I really do believe that Balenciaga will push back the release date, until another “scandal” takes the spotlight.

Yes, I’m a shipper of Rob and Kris, but I believe that for now the ship is docked, and wont be moving for quite a long time.IF it ever sails again, I think it will be much slower, much more concealed, and much,much more private.

Im ngl, I nearly died when I saw the pics, and I was so cross….Lesson leanred, never get emotionally attached to other people. It was a stupid thing to do.

Kristen has made her bed, and I think she deserves to lie in it now, feel the sting of public retaliation. She needs to back away from the public eye and think things through. She has lost many supporters, hurt her family and friends through this. I think it will mature her inevitably and force her to see what she has done wrong.

I know the fandom has split, and it kills me to see it. But hey, life goes on!

So, I went to the Premiere Screening of Snow White and The Huntsman, and…

To be perfectly honest with you,

I fucking Loved it!! The way the director shot this movie…Holy shit, I have no words.

Cinematically, it proves to be striking and seriously epic. Props to the CGI guys, really! Everything looked sooo real! I left the theatre literally wanting a turtle that grows a garden on its shell, and a tree full of cute little fairies. It is such a female empowerment movie,too. About 20 times through the movie, I had to try and keep myself in my seat! I felt like shouting FUCK YEAH everytime Snow White was a total leader and badass.

Seriously, the whole movie was just so amazing and inspiring and beautiful.

WARNING! SERIOUS SPOILER - SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH IF YOU DONT WANNA KNOW!!    So, when Snow White and the Huntsman are in Fenland Village, and Snow bonds with Lilly, and plays dolls with her, and look safter her while she sleeps… it literally broke my heart! Had to have been one of my favourite parts, when the danger and battle arrives, she is totally concerned with saving Lilly’s life and I was about to flood the theatre in tears!

Okay spoiler over!!!

The characters performances are seriously, superb!

Hemsworth bring such a sense of strength, contrasting with a personal weakness…you could see it in every emotion he had!

Sam Claflin, was INCREDIBLE as the Prince William! He was such a sweet heart, and when his characters story required him to be otherwise…He sure as hell brought it! A brilliant performance!

Kristen Stewart….Holy shit! What a performance! She is incredible in the movie! And for those concerned about her accent…DONT BE! If I hadnt known she was american…I would seriously have thought she was British! He performance was totally jaw-dropping and beautiful! Every emotion, she truly conveyed with grace and beauty! Stunning performance!

And Charlize Theron…Holy crap on a cracker…WHAT  a performance!! Every single scene that she was in…I was terrified!! She brought such domineering presence and spine tingling fear to her performance! I honestly felt such high emotions whilst watching this film!

All of the 8 dwarves were so incredible - Loved Gus!!! I cried for him - thats all I’ll say!

This movie completely rocked me and changed my perspective on a lot of things - which is what a movie is supposed to do, IMO.

An amaziing film with a stellar cast!


A truly great director!


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